Avon Brand Continues to Set Cosmetics Trends – French Version

Avon Brand Continues to Set Cosmetics Trends – French Version

Advancing the development of new technologies aimed at meeting the aesthetic needs of its customers, while helping to maintain a healthier planet, remain the key trends of the legendary Avon brand.

In an interview with the Central American and Caribbean Digital Newspaper, Ms. Josie Adams, vice president of engineering and global new product development and local innovation, said Avon is still at the search for macro-transformations in the world in order to understand and adapt them. to the needs of its customers, a very clear example is the field of Customization through the use of biosensors in the technology of its products to study and determine skin conditions, and understand what is most necessary and effective for their care, which allows them to offer the best guides and thus obtain better optimization in their application. Thus, personalization is one of the main technological trends of the company.

Another key example is Durability, as Ms. Adams expressed, “the world must be a carbon-free space, therefore, Avon is responsible for not developing products that contribute to global warming and made us develop packaging and materials that do not. ‘not affect the environment. We are very proud to know that 80% of our packaging in Guatemala and Latin America, for example, is recyclable, reusable. These are two examples of the transformations that we are developing for the future.

On the same subject, the cosmetics company has implemented the Planet-kind philosophy, which was designed to address the climate crisis through various actions. In addition, in its quest to reduce the environmental footprint of all of its operations, Avon has achieved a global recycling rate of 93.4%, focusing on educating its employees and suppliers on waste reduction. All this without neglecting the water resource and its reuse.

Along with its commitments to protecting the environment, Avon is committed to other goals. Thus, the firm relaunched this year its brand nuanced by a new visual identity with which it seeks to strengthen its position on the market. “Mira de Nuevo” is the name of her campaign which coincided with her 135th birthday.

With the market launch of Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots with Protinol, Avon is committed to delivering a significant increase in collagen in the skin, achieving a visibly firmer face, with better elasticity and reducing the appearance of skin. wrinkles in just 7 days. Asked about the matter, Ms Adams said that for decades Avon has researched the best anti-aging technologies, both in the medical industry and in other niches of skin care research. The importance of collagen lies in the fact that it is found in 80% of our skin, being the most critical protein structure, which is not easily replaced once it is lost.

In the face of the SARS-Cov2 pandemic, Avon took on the urgent task of developing key products such as hand sanitizers and household cleaning products that could immediately provide its customers with personal and environmental care and hygiene, thus , in just 3 months, and with the help of suppliers and local research and development teams in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, to name just a few examples, they were able to bring them to market.

Likewise, and to help with containment measures without its clients giving up their beauty purposes, Avon has endeavored to put more precise guides and instructions in the hands of its wide range of consumers so that everyone and according to their conditions, can access and optimize the products available without having to go to beauty centers.

When asked what Avon’s next challenges for Central America would be, Ms Adams pointed out that the company is always trying to find the best technology in order to optimize the quality of consumption around the world as needed. specific to its clients, either by gender and region. In the case of Central America, for example, they are working on eyelash treatment. “We differentiate the products according to the characteristics of the market. We have research and development teams in 50 countries determining what works best in each market. Our goal is the optimization of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.

In this way, Avon seeks to underline its commitment to a better world, with an awareness of sustainable beauty, which allows the company to position itself as a benchmark for sustainability in the sector.