Bilibili Decoded: Chinese Beauty’s New Battleground to Reach Gen Z

Bilibili Decoded: Chinese Beauty’s New Battleground to Reach Gen Z

Unlike other short videos, the medium to long high quality content on Bilibili is more useful for brand building, as the audience will spend more time researching a specific brand, while the short video only has 15 to 30 seconds to highlight the selling points. . A longer video also has better long-term value. According to Ebrun’s analysis, once a video is posted on Bilibili, the natural characteristics of this video platform produce very desirable long tail effects for content creators. For individuals, the traffic acquired by video is constantly increasing, with the construction of a lasting reputation. Content sponsors will expect the overall ROAS to increase over time.

For brands or products that need the time and effort to educate customers, the long video format on Bilibili can better influence users’ purchasing decisions. Video content also helps bring sustained brand exposure and drive search traffic to e-commerce stores.

Official brand account

Brands can also create their own official accounts to create original content on Bilibili. By leveraging video ads and campaign hashtags, brands can showcase promotional material and even link to external ecommerce platforms, converting into sales or social media account followers.

Brands with official accounts on Bilibili include Dior, Perfect Diary, etc. From June 2020 to June 2021, the number of beauty brands with an official presence of Bilibili has multiplied by 20, topping the list of official account categories.

Dior took part in the “Double Eleven Museum of Good Things” campaign, launched jointly by Alibaba’s Bilibili and Tmall for the “Double Eleven” shopping festival. In two weeks, 37,000 videos were submitted under this campaign theme, garnering over 100 million views. Dior specifically posted a video of a limited edition “Double Eleven” handbag, which received nearly 400,000 views.

Marketing with KOLs

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are essentially the Chinese version of influencers. There are a large number of Gen Zers and live streamers making a living in this ecosystem. Cooperating with these types of influencers will help brands reach their target audience more accurately and effectively.

Different from other social media platforms, KOL marketing, content and creativity is a key skill of the creators of Bilibili. “雁 鸿 Aimee” is a fashion and beauty designer from Bilibili with 709,000 followers. She collaborated with Florasis Cosmetics and spent two months creating a handmade Miao (an ethnic minority in China) helmet to promote this Miao print. By working with creative Bilibili influencers such as Aimee, Florasis was able to present a young and interesting brand image for Gen Z consumers.