Hottest Beauty Trend Is All About The Customer

Hottest Beauty Trend Is All About The Customer

Beauty has a new essential personalization tool: zero-party data.

Zero data refers to data collected on a consensual basis, unlike third-party or proprietary data, which is extracted and used to personalize products, services and experiences for the buyer. Brands are jumping on customers’ willingness to share their personal information for the right outcome, by creating quizzes, polls, and quizzes that create zero-party data profiles of their customers with their membership.

“Zero Party data is knowingly and intentionally shared with the brand with the understanding that the brand will use it to provide them with a more personalized experience,” says Wendell Lansford, co-founder of marketing technology company Wyng, who refers to these types. . of quizzes and surveys as “micro-experiments”. Wyng created one for L’Oreal La Roche Posay-owned skin care line called Routine Finder, which asks users five questions about their skin type and how many different products they’re happy to have. use. According to the company, the tool increased the average order value by 134%.

“There have been discussions about personalization in beauty for years, but the first steps were very generic,” says Winnie Awa, founder and CEO of Carra, a diagnostic platform that creates personalized routines for women. with textured hair. Early attempts to personalize beauty included sending marketing emails to a customer’s first name and monogramming the products, which Awa says didn’t do much to actually meet customer needs. . Those early forays were enough to fuel consumer demand for more personalization and personalization, however, according to Audrey Depraeter-Montacel, global head of beauty at Accenture. The standards are higher this time, which means more and better data is needed. While concerns about privacy and cybersecurity are always great, if consumers think they are making a legal deal and receiving something in return, they are generally happy to pass data on, says Lokesh Ohri, sales product manager. retail and consumer at Deloitte Digital.

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