How and why cereals take precedence over beauty

How and why cereals take precedence over beauty

While cereals are undeniably a healthy food, they have become a priority in the beauty industry lately. Here’s how and why.

Essential at mealtimes, cereals have recently become an important part of the cosmetics industry because of their many beneficial qualities for the skin and hair. Corn, oats, sesame, barley, bran, wheat and rye are gradually invading our bathrooms to help us get rid of wrinkles, redness and irritation, as well as to nourish sensitive skin. and dehydrated.

The pandemic has helped restore the image of many natural ingredients in cosmetics, in order to put an end – once and for all – to the long list of incomprehensible-sounding ingredients in many products. As a result, grandmother’s recipes are now all the rage on social networks, surfing the DIY wave, favoring accessible plants, seeds and other nectars that are safe for the skin and the planet. Nettle, aloe veraand tea are among the must-haves that have come back into fashion in recent months, as are broccoli, onions and even mustard, which are more unusual. And if we already bet on rice and flax like 2022 must-haves at the start of the year, finally all the grains — or almost — are about to make their way into our bathrooms.

Each type of grain has its own advantages

Although we know the health benefits of eating cereals, which are very high in fiber and minerals, their skin benefits remain a mystery to many. In this regard, generalizations should be avoided because corn does not have the same properties as rice, oats or rye, thus affecting each type of skin and responding differently to each need. Some of the best known are the moisturizing and anti-aging properties of wheat; the purifying, soothing and regenerating qualities of oats; the nourishing power of sesame; and the multiple properties of rice, which combine all these benefits.

More and more cosmetic brands are harnessing the power of grains by gradually integrating them into their formulas. Some have even made it their trademark. One such example is La Belle Meunière, which aims to be the first line of cosmetic products made from cereals from French organic farming. From masks to scrubs, through moisturizers, radiance serums and make-up remover oils, the brand offers everything you need for a complete routine, with the possibility of making some DIY products yourself. All guaranteed natural, vegan, made in France, and 100% transparent.

From vegetable oil to shampoo

As we have seen, it is now possible to create a complete beauty routine from cereals, with a range of products ranging from vegetable oil to shampoo, and even more specific treatments such as eye contour cream. Aroma-Zone, a specialist in natural ingredients, is a real nugget of the region, with vegetable oils based on rice bran, oats, sesame and wheat germ. Enough to meet the many needs of your skin, whether or not they are associated with other ingredients.

Other brands choose to offer cosmetics in which the powers of the grains are boosted by other ingredients. This is the case of Centifolia and its Sublime Jeunesse eye contour cream, which combines extracts of buckwheat oil and green micro-algae to reduce dark circles and puffiness while improving skin tone, and Body Nature Soothing shampoo, formulated with oat milk, barley water and sage infusion to cleanse and soothe the scalp.

The same goes for mainstream brands that are making cereal a new staple. To The body storefind the Instant Soothing Mask Almond Milk with Oatmeal to exfoliate the most sensitive skin, while Qiriness offers you the Exfolys Rice Wrap to unclog and tighten pores. A growing number of cosmetics of all kinds showing a taste for the previously unsuspected powers of grains for the skin – and you may want more.