LACMA-Blog | Tuesday Partner Rx: Transforming the Car Buying Experience

LACMA-Blog | Tuesday Partner Rx: Transforming the Car Buying Experience

CareClix has partnered with LACMA to offer members our comprehensive, best-in-class enterprise virtual care management platform, at a discounted price and with a generous revenue share for LACMA to help fund the efforts. advocacy and education.

The CareClix Enterprise virtual care management platform goes beyond simple video visits for common conditions by integrating all the technologies, capabilities, and workflows needed to set up a virtual hospital, clinic, or private practice.

It is highly scalable and can easily adapt to changing business needs and healthcare demands. Providers can easily add new virtual services to help grow their brands, maximize reimbursements, and improve patient outcomes, engagement, and satisfaction.

This platform can help you and your staff triage patients remotely so you only see patients who need your personal care. This will allow you to spend more time with high acuity patients, reducing your workload, while providing more reimbursable services.

Some of the benefits that LACMA members and their patients would realize are:

  • Ability to set up a network of LACMA specialists for member referrals.
  • Multiple languages ​​and translation services.
  • Remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases via more than 200 devices.
  • Asynchronous video/storage and transfer capability.
  • Embedded DME; EMR/Portal integration.
  • AI-powered data is pulled from multiple EMRs and HIEs for a complete patient view and accurate RAF scores.
  • In-app scheduling; Electronic prescription; Rx delivery.
  • Home lab and COVID test kits.
  • Real-time reports/analytics to help maximize virtual care efforts.
  • White label product with your brand, for a smooth user experience.
  • and more!

For more information, to schedule a demo, or to register, please contact Sal by phone or at the email address below.