Millie Bobby Brown is So Different with her 80s Mullet Hair

Millie Bobby Brown is So Different with her 80s Mullet Hair

There’s no doubt that we’ve seen the actor in a number of influential looks since the show’s debut, and season four doesn’t disappoint, as Millie appears to be rocking a mule in parts of the show. In true 80s style, of course.

Although Millie’s mullet (which sounds great, don’t you think?) is the perfect retro choice for stranger thingsset in 1986 – we don’t think it Actually had the chop for show, as it appears to have been removed from the sides and clipped into place. But the effect is quite convincing. With its short bangs and wavy texture, it definitely gives off a strong 80s vibe.

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Of course, the modern mullet is having a moment right now, and we wouldn’t pass up Millie Bobby Brown to opt for the edgy cut outside of the stranger things universe, since she loves to change her look with different hairstyles.

She recently went golden blonde for the stranger things 4 first, but was back to dark chocolate brown on her latest Instagram post — and she’s also experimented with different wigs, bangs and lengths (special mention to the adorable bob she was rocking in 2021).

The actor spoke to GLAMOR to mark his 18th birthday in February and opened up about his various hair changes over the years – adding that she likes having shorter hair.

“After shaving my head when I was 10, I had what is the most extreme version of ‘short’ and I was addicted to it. So now whenever my hair gets long, I cut it again so I don’t have to deal with long hair,” she said.

“But I think what’s really fun about short hair is you can have a long hair moment. You can just put on wigs and really have a lot of fun with it. Whereas when you have hair long, it’s really hard to go short. I think short is better, it’s like a clean base. That’s good advice.