Quark Expeditions will feature Greenlandic skincare brand InuaCare on Ultramarine

Quark Expeditions will feature Greenlandic skincare brand InuaCare on Ultramarine

“We are so proud to offer our customers the InuaCare brand by Overseas‘s Tundra Spa on our arctic trips this season,” said Thomas Lennartz, Vice President of Sales at Quark Expeditions. “InuaCare, the highly respected Greenlandic skincare brand, is fully aligned with the sustainable ethos of Overseas‘s Tundra Spa, which also offers hand-harvested organic seaweed treatments and beauty products from award-winning spa supplier Voya.”

“Just as we have partnered with local Inuit in Nunavut and Greenland for our new Tundra to Table: Inuit Culinary Experience,” said Lennart, “we also wanted to partner with like-minded vendors who are aligned with our Polar Promise sustainability goals for our spa services on Overseas. The products supplied by InuaCare, based in Qaqortoq, South Greenland, are made from hand-picked wild Greenlandic plants and herbs. All of their formulations are developed with natural ingredients from sustainable sources.”

Overseas customers will now be able to choose from a menu of Voya spa treatments and products, as well as an exclusive facial and 12 retail products under the InuaCare brand:

Anti-Aging Arctic Facial

The 55-minute InuaCare Signature Arctic Facial is a rejuvenating and relaxing treatment using a combination of arctic and active ingredients to slow the visible signs of aging. The facial includes a deep cleansing and exfoliating AHA mask using five different botanical extracts. It is followed by a scalp and shoulder massage using a therapeutic extra-care balm for ultimate relaxation of body and mind. This luxury treatment ends with the application of an effective moisturizer tailored to the client’s skin for ultimate hydration.

InuaCare Products

Customers can also shop from a range of 12 InuaCare products, including cleansing gels, balms, lotions, moisturizers, mists and body lotions.

Watch this video to see how InuaCare sustainably harvests herbs and plants in Greenland.

The facial treatment and exclusive InuaCare products will be available on Overseas throughout the 2022 Arctic navigation season.

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About InuaCare: Based in Qaqortoq, South Greenland, InuaCare makes skincare and personal care products from wild, hand-picked plants and herbs in Greenland. All formulations are gentle and are developed with natural ingredients from sustainable sources. InuaCare avoids all harmful additives in the development of their products.

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