Solvay Launches A New Range of Low Carbon Footprint Biosurfactants

Solvay Launches A New Range of Low Carbon Footprint Biosurfactants

Solvay introduced Mirasoft SL L60 and Mirasoft SL A60 – two new high-performance biosurfactants enabling the development of more sustainable beauty products. Based on rapeseed oil and sugar with a low environmental and carbon footprint, these glycolipid biosurfactants are suitable for a wide range of applications in beauty and personal care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, gels shower, facial cleansers and creams.

Low environmental impact

The two new bio-surfactants are designed to provide the same performance as synthetic ingredients without harmful effects on the environment. Made from a fermentation process that Solvay calls “cost effective”, Mirasoft SL L60 and Mirasoft SL A60 are 100% bio-based and biodegradable.

“With the potential for a net neutral carbon footprint in the near future, biosurfactants represent a game-changing technology in the eco-design of next-generation beauty care products. The eco-profile of Mirasoft SL L60 and Mirasoft SL A60 is truly a breakthrough compared to conventional fossil fuel based surfactants“, said Galder Cristobal, Research and Innovation Director, Home & Personal Care at Solvay.

Renewable carbon

The launch of the new Mirasoft range aligns with Solvay’s most recent growth platform on “Renewable Materials and Biotechnology”, which aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions by increasing the share of renewable carbon in the group product offering.

The objective of the new platform is to increase the share of renewable carbon [1] in Solvay’s product offering and the development of new business opportunities made possible by biotechnology. It complements Solvay’s three existing growth platforms: Battery Materials, Green Hydrogen and Thermoplastic Composites.

The Solvay group has set itself the objectives of increasing the share of sustainable solutions in its sales by 2030 to 65% and more than doubling the share of its sales of products based on raw materials or circular energy compared to to 2018, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.

“This product launch underscores both our commitment to surfactant technology and our long-term vision for the future,” commented Jean-Guy Le Helloco, global vice-president, home and personal care at Solvay. “We focus on future technological changes to enable our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.”