Wedding Rings: Finding the Right One for You

Wedding Rings: Finding the Right One for You

You found “the one,” got through the proposal, and have a beautiful engagement ring to show for it. Now it’s time to think about one of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever wear: your wedding band. The wedding ring is among one of the sentimental proofs that signify your commitment to each other and deserves as much attention to its details as the wedding dress and ceremony. Before you start hitting the internet or searching for wedding bands for women in Atlanta, here is a quick overview of what wedding rings are available.

Simple Bands

The most basic wedding band is a simple band. Although it doesn’t have the flashy attention-grabbing details of its counterparts, its simplicity doesn’t take away from the all-time classic look of a gold band. The clean lines of a band help bring the focus to the wow factor of the engagement ring, and when worn by itself, it can be delicate or bold. Options range from a thick band to a slim, yet feminine, profile.

Diamonds or Gems

If you desire a bit more sparkle than what the simple band offers, you can look into wedding bands that feature diamonds set in prongs all around the ring or only on top. This gives you the same look of simplicity but is still elegant at the same time. Or, you can get creative and go with a unique setting that combines diamonds with gemstones. Made popular by Kate Middleton, mixing diamonds and gemstones gives the wearer an air of sophistication and class.

Bridal Set

If you got the chance to pick the style of your engagement ring, you might have explored the option of a wedding set. This takes the guesswork out of endless debates as to what will go well with your engagement ring as you’ll already have chosen a complementary set. Bridal sets come in all styles, from diamond-studded bands, grooves cut into the band to a curved shape that provides a perfect fit or beautiful details in the bands that make two separate rings whole. Bridal sets give you a visual as to how each ring complements the other and will look like a complete set.

Two-Toned Bands

For some variety, you can switch things up with a two-toned band that combines both white and silver gold. Whether they’re larger widths on the band or just a subtle detail, this combination is versatile enough to complement other jewelry and is eye-catching. If you prefer to stay with one tone but still want something unique, you can combine white and yellow diamonds to create the same distinctive look.

Now that you have an idea of what your options are for wedding rings, you can confidently head to the jewelry store and talk to an expert who can help you browse through all the collections of wedding bands for women in Atlanta. But make sure you shop with your engagement ring to ensure both rings complement one another, and you can confirm how fabulous they’ll look on your finger when you find “the one.”